Farm Hope Thrive

Equipping the Next Generation of Leaders

It starts with HOPE

Farm Hope Thrive provides African farmers with the knowledge needed for the poor to feed themselves, generate income, and end poverty.

Our project starts with Tanzania.  We are equipping the next generation with the right tools and education to sustain their agricltural movements and local communities using biblical principles.

  • Sustainable

We introduce a holistic approach in order to yield crops, care for God’s creation, and earn profit applying Kingdom principles, which ultimately encourages others to give back.

  • Community

We equip local farmers, pastors, leaders and teachers to farm, yield crops, while developing a close relationship with Jesus where people can love others.


As part of our sustainable model, we build schools where education allows for the continued growth of a Godly education and practical skills for agricultural sustainability.

Ormee Primary School Project

In 2015 Farm Hope Thrive partnered with Pastor Joseph Ngida of Mairowa, Tanzania to build a Christian school known as the Ormee Primary School in a remote Maasai community. Joseph is also a Maasai church planter and has planted over 20 churches in Maasai land in Northern Tanzania.

The Ormee Primary School provides quality Christian education to local Maasai children who, more than likely, would not have the opportunity to do so. Our mission is to equip the next generation of leaders to make a Kingdom of impact in their own lives, their family, their community and their nation.

Since the project has started, four acres have been purchased, two classrooms ompleted, three classrooms under constructions and 104 children currently enrolled in preschool, standard 1 & standard 2 classes. Currently in the Tanzanian public schools and government is posting one teacher for every 150 students. Ormee Primary School has one teacher for every 30 students.

A well has been completed on the school property and sponsored by our friends at Maji Hope. The well provides clean water to the school and the local community. The abundance of water also provides the Ormee Primary School the means to grow staple crops for the school, as well as crash crops throughout the year to sell and make a profit.

Transforming Tanzania 

We want to see African farmers feed their families through life changing biblical principles and proven conservation agriculture techniques which can dramatically increase yields, bring restoration to the land and dissolve the bonds of the curse of poverty within Tanzania and beyond its borders.

Farm Hope Thrive

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About Farm Hope Thrive

Farm Hope Thrive, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization whose purpose is to educate and equip rural farmers, community leaders, pastors, teachers & students in East Africa, using a holistic and sustainable approach to agriculture, on how to improve crop yields, care for God’s creation, develop a closer relationship with God and how to make a profit by using Kingdom principles in order to raise a self-sustaining, interdependent, and Godly generation.