The Ormee school will provide Maasai children  with a high quality Christian education and instead of the government issued agriculture training they will be trained and discipled in a relevant, biblical and sustainable approach to agriculture known as Farming God’s Way (FGW). The school will also be used as a training center, complete with demonstration plots, for the immediate community as well as surrounding areas.  

The Ormee Primary School & Trai​ning Center

Planting seeds of hope in hearts and lands!

​​FHT is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to educate

rural African farmers, pastors, teachers and children to reduce hunger and poverty.

We are dedicated to reducing the hunger and poverty crisis is East Africa. Your partnership will help educate rural African farmers to break the bondage of hunger and poverty. Together we're making a lasting impact!

African farmers have become self-supporting & are ensuring food and land security for the future. They're Thriving!

​​​​​​​We empower African farmers to increase their individual strength and confidence in God's faithfulness and their own capabilities.

​​​Through our sustainable agriculture programs we educate the impoverished with the knowledge needed to be successful and profitable through farming. 

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​​​Through our sustainable agriculture and discipleship program we're planting seeds of Hope in the hearts of the poor as they place the seeds in their fields!  Farm Hope Thrive provides training and other assistance to help communities transition from subsistence living to food security.  Our programs help impoverished families become self-sufficient and combat chronic hunger.  We feed families without handouts!  Join us on this amazing journey of God's relentless love, redemption, healing and restoration!


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