Founders of ​​​​​​Farm Hope Thrive, Josh and Renee have been married for 17 years and have a son and two daughters. They lived in and served in Tanzania for more than seven years.  Their first visit to Tanzania was in 2005 and while there felt God calling them to a long term mission. Josh has always had a passion for Africa and specifically the desire to work with the Maasai tribe since he was a child, and Renee has always had a passion for environmental issues and creation. Not knowing the full extent of what those passions and desires meant, they had no idea what the Lord had in store for them, but they were willing and eager to walk the path ahead.  Two years later They sold most of their possessions and in February 2017 moved to Arusha, Tanzania as full time missionaries.  In 2014 they moved back to the U.S. where they mange things from a far.  They knew this was the right decision, as it also allowed the Tanzanian's they trained and equipped for so many years operate in their gifts and manage the ministry and projects in Tanzania.  Farm Hope Thrive is also registered in Tanzania as an NGO.  

Josh and Renee Moose have over 10 years of ministry experience in Africa and they invite invite you to join with them in making a lasting impact in the lives of the people of East Africa!  Join them on this journey of God's relentless love, redemption, healing and restoration.