Clean Water!

A well as been established on the school campus and now provides clean water for the school and the community.  We have partnered with Maji:Hope ​based in Alabama to make this happen!  Maji Hope is planning for more wells in the surrounding area.  You can give towards the expense of those well through Farm Hope Thrive and/or Maji:Hope.  Donate online or mail your check today!

The Ormee Primary School & Agriculture Training Center for the Maasai

The Ormee school provides Maasai children with a high quality Christian education and instead of the government issued agriculture training they will be trained and discipled in a relevant, biblical and sustainable approach to agriculture known as Farming God’s Way (FGW). The school will also be used as a training center, complete with demonstration plots, for the immediate community as well as surrounding areas.  Students, teachers, pastors and individuals will all be welcomed to learn how to improve their crop yields through classroom and hands on training, care for God’s creation and how to develop a closer relationship with God.  A well is established on the school campus and provides clean water for the school and the community. The Ormee Primary School will be a model school and training center for Tanzania and beyond, and potentially one of many for the Maasai community.

​There are over 5000 children in the area currently receiving a poor education through government schooling or no education at all.  The Maasai in this area are now primarily farmers, traditionally they were nomadic pastoralists.  We initially started working with the widows of this community when we were invited to teach them about FGW.  This was a leap in a different direction for them culturally as they began to lean more on agriculture.  The widows were and still are very accepting of this program and others are showing interest, however, most of the community are stubbornly holding on to the more traditional forms of agriculture which lack any form of management, consistency or spiritual impact from God.  Children are quick learners and much more open to new things.  Many effective ministry models are founded on the education of children to make a long lasting impact in communities.  We believe this is the way we will bring God into many homes in Mairowa as well as food, environmental restoration and the ability to make a profit with agriculture.  The school will also provide jobs for the community by employing local Maasai teachers to become quality Christian teachers for the school.

As the Lord provides we will build 9 permanent classrooms with offices, an admin block, kitchen and dinning hall.  We have big dreams for this small piece of Africa.  
Will you help us make it happen?  Give safely online or start a campaign today!

Phase 1:  Purchase of 4 acres - Completed!

We are now in the process of purchasing an additional 2 acres.  Total cost is only $2500 if you would like to help with this expense. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We have been working in Tanzania for over 10 years, and in doing so we have seen the extreme shortfalls that the average farmer experiences.  Their crop yields are devastatingly meager due to poor management, planning and a general lack of knowledge in agricultural practices.  Their farms do not produce enough to feed their own families and there is rarely ever any extra to sale, which keeps them burdened by poverty.  This burden of poverty goes deeper than a simple lack of money; it is also a spiritual and mental poverty.  We believe a holistic approach to agriculture is needed to address this burden and to bring individuals into a closer relationship with the One who created all and restores our hope.  We have also seen the need and hunger for good quality education in general.  We believe that one of the most effective means to seeing lasting change within an individual, family, community and nation is not so much through educating the current leaders, but through educating and equipping the next generation of leaders. 


Phase 2:  Start construction of the classrooms - 2 Classrooms Completed!

The Ormee school will have a total of 9 classrooms.  Each classroom will cost $14,000, which includes furnishings.  Construction has been completed on the first 2 classrooms with 104 students enrolled in preschool, standard one & standard two classes!  We have laid the foundation for the next building block of 3 classrooms.  
To help us finish or start another classroom or to give a specific amount, please click on the give buttons below.  If the full amount of $14,000 is given towards one classroom, we will place a permanent plaque on the classroom in your name or in the honor of someone by your request. ​​