We have known Abraham since 2008, and after seeing his passion and dedication for agriculture we knew he would go far. 

Abraham has been working for us for more than 10 years helping us manage the ministry in Tanzania.  He now manages all FGW trainings throughout Tanzania.  He is well on his way to becoming the first Tanzanian accredited Farming God's Way trainer.  We are extremely proud of him, and we would not have been able to accomplish all that we have accomplished over the years without him.

By applying what he has learned within his own farm he has become the model farmer for his community.  He is also able to supplement his salary with what he makes from selling extra crops from his farm.  Well done Abraham!

Abraham has a wife and three children.

Hand Up...

Not Hand Out

We first started working with Ephraim in 2008.  He was the first farmer we started training.  At the time Ephraim was harvesting 200-400kg of maize off his 1.5 acre farm.  After applying the knowledge he gained from our training his yields increased to 1000kg from the same plot of land.

He later decided to sell milk throughout the village from his three dairy cows.  He applied the management skills he learned from our agriculture training to his small dairy operation and his business started to take off.  Now that he is taking better care of his cows they are healthier, which means an increase in milk production.  He sold one cow and is now harvesting more milk from two cows than he did from three.  He informed us years later that the knowledge and skills he learned from our training was the reason behind his success.  Ephraim is now able to provide for his family's needs without outside assistance.

Ephraim has a wife and four children, two of which are still in school.



Meet some of the Thriving Farmers

We're Making A Difference!

These are just a few of many!


Billions of dollars are being poured into Africa for food relief every year.  One can't help but wonder...

"is it making a difference?"

Subsistence farmers account for approximately 85% of the African population, who are living undernourished and degraded lives.
Is Food Aid Helping?

We first met Philemon in 2009, when he attended one of our trainings.  He was a bit skeptical initially, but decided to give it a try.  At an average of 400-600kg of maize for is 1.5 acre farm, what did he have to lose?   His first year he harvested 2500kg from that very same 1.5 acre plot.  He was a believer.  

That year he was able to complete the house he started building for his first wife years before from the profit he made from excess maize he did not need for his family.  Philemon has two wives and five children, and has no problem providing for them every year.  He has also been able to purchase a motorcycle for transportation.   

Giving handouts to address ongoing needs are crippling the poor and promoting an unwanted need of dependency.


Our program and approach is equipping remote farmers with the right knowledge and tools for them to achieve their full potential and break the yoke of poverty forever.